Dear Business Partners:

Thanks for your interested in partnering with us. We are very open for any kind of cooperation.

Way to coordinate 

1. Partner with us as an online distributor and bring our existing product into your online platform (You may open an small online store on Ebay or you just build your own website, or you may be a buyer or owner of an online e-commerce platform)

2. Partner with us as an offline distributor, open branch offline in a indicated area, we have a group of professionals to help you customize store designs. See some of our store designs below:

3. Partner with our special offline program, we don’t mind if you are running your own business or own your own brand, you can be an owner of a book store, a gift shop, a clothing store or a travel agency. We will customize a shelf to display our shoes in your store.

4. Partner with us as an agent, and look for other online or offline distributors

5. Dropship is available, meaning you don’t have to keep any stocks, we help you ship to your customers when you make sales. 


If you would like to further discuss with us about the partnership,please send email to or

Best Regards

UIN Overseas Marketing Department