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    Item: 91012006

     THE SOLUTION IS HERE: The best walking & travel shoes, that also look amazing. No more foot pain caused by your shoes with our UIN canvas loafers. Moreover, our products come with incredible and colorful paintings made by Spanish artists.

     COMFORTABLE & RESISTANT: Due to quality materials and the super-soft insole, UIN loafers will make you feel more lively and happier. Designed with 0.35 inch inner cushioning, UIN loafers are ergonomic and super lightweight. 

     UNIQUE ARTISTIC DESIGN: If you are tired with those commonplace shoe models that exist in every store, UIN loafers are what you are looking for. We offer you more than a pair of shoes, we offer you the chance to wear your creativity and passions.

     SUITABLE FOR EVERY PLACE AND OUTFIT: You can wear UIN loafers for walks, at the beach or when you go out with friends. They match jeans, skirts or dresses. The variety of colors allows them to match any of your clothes and add more beauty to your outfit.

     EASY ON&OFF: Unlike those shoes that take you minutes to slip in or take off, the UIN canvas loafers are very easy to on & off. The high elastic ensures many functional benefits for you and lets you enjoy every experience. 
    100% VEGAN MATERIALS: We strive to bring with high-quality products that are friendly to the planet.

    Has it ever been hard for you to find the perfect shoes because you wanted them to be comfortable, beautiful and unique? For loving life and creative women, we designed UIN shoes. 

    Why are these shoes perfect for you?

    Nowadays, we all want to do a lot of things in a day. Whether it's getting into many places, shopping or just walking, the UIN shoes provide you with comfortable support for all of that. And with the colorful and artistic design, you will look lovely and happier. 

    Some of the amazing features of this product:

    Charming design produced by Spanish artists,

    Super lightweight with only 400g,

    Breathable & quality canvas,

    Super-soft Insole,

    Easy on & off


    UIN is a new original design shoe brand. We insist on the simplest shoe style with creative and fashion design. We choose painting art to describe our idea on the shoe. Life Is Art is our core concept. Hope we can find the beauty of the world with UIN together! UIN shoes have an eye-catching design produced by artists in Spain. The shoes appear as if they were painted with an artist brush and feature a variety of colors, allowing them to easily coordinate with everything in your wardrobe. UIN Painted Shoe is a true footwear masterpiece that will make you look chic and feel comfortable wherever you go.

    ORDER THIS AMAZING PRODUCT NOW and feel more confident by joining the concept of Art of Walk!